What Sets Sky Bird Apart?

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In the competitive world of airline consolidation, finding the right partner for your travel business can be a game-changer. Sky Bird Travel & Tours understands your needs and is committed to providing top-notch services to travel agents and agencies.

Join us to discover exactly why we stand out among other airline consolidators and why partnering with us is the smart choice!

Benefits of Booking with Sky Bird:

Higher Commission

“I've been working with Sky Bird for a few years now
and I’m very pleased with their services, rates, and commissions.”


We value the hard work of our partners and promise higher commission rates when you choose Sky Bird Travel and our WINGS Platform. We offer weekly commission payments through ACH direct deposit, which includes:

  • 15% commission on prepaid hotels
  • 25% commission on insurance (US rate only)
  • 8% commission on car rentals

Airline Consolidation Services

“It's always so nice to book with Sky Bird because they have the most efficient and excellent service. We booked a group last year and they were so happy with the service that they came back to me!”


We pride ourselves on setting up agents and agencies will tools and products to succeed. Our services include:

WINGS Booking Platform

“I started my home-based travel agency with the help of Sky Bird Travel. Their staff are efficient and professional, and their rates are very good. I can have control of all my bookings, making sure that I can serve my clients at the tip of my finger. Their accounting system is also great because they send you payments once a week!”


Backed by 3 Global Distribution Systems (GDS), 90+ airline partners, and NDC fares from 14+ top airlines, travel agents will never struggle to find great airfares on WINGS. This extensive collection of rates includes commissionable net fares, tour fares, and drop nets. 

We even host monthly live booking sessions for those who need to learn WINGS (or just need a refresher) – Register here!

Innovative Technology

“Sky Bird Travel has excellent services, I wouldn’t trade them for any other consolidator!”


Sky Bird Travel & Tours stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the travel industry, continuously embracing the latest advancements. This includes NDC, or New Distribution Capability, which is a revolutionary system that makes it easier to issue airline tickets, gives access to a wide range of products, and allows for personalized travel experiences. This new Sky Bird technology features fares from 14 of the top airlines with more expected to follow suit. 

Top Tier Customer Care

“Sky Bird is one of the most customer service-oriented companies that I’ve encountered in recent years. The management and staff are always helpful and patient with my concerns and requests. They’re always courteous and professional in dealing with their clients. For that, I gave them 5 stars and 10 thumbs up!”


Sky Bird believes that exceptional customer service is non-negotiable and understands the importance of quality 24/7 assistance. Our experienced and multilingual agents work in-house to provide immediate assistance with cancellations, disruptions, and any other travel-related issues. These advisors can speak over 25 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Polish, Punjabi, Spanish, and Tagalog. 

Experience and Trust

“Excellent customer service and support, even after more than 10 years with Sky Bird Travel & Tours.”


Sky Bird has been serving customers for over 45 years! What started as a single room in Detroit, Michigan’s Book Tower has evolved into a network of 10 domestic and 3 international offices. 

Guided by core values such as collaboration, trust, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, Sky Bird prioritizes the needs of the travel agent community and the traveler alike. As the industry continues to evolve, this trusted travel partner remains unwavering in the pursuit of innovation and service excellence.

Soar Higher With Sky Bird Travel!

When you choose Sky Bird Travel, you gain access to higher commissions, cutting-edge technology, comprehensive services, customer support, and a partner with a proven track record of success.

Make the smart choice for your travel business and partner with us!

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Telephone: 1-888-SKY-BIRD (759-2473)

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