Top 10 Destination: Trinidad & Tobago

A landscape shot of Trinidad and Tobago, two Caribbean islands that are rising travel locations! This is the featured image in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

Nestled on the South American mainland, the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the most untouched and diverse destinations in the Caribbean. The landscapes are home to stunning rainforests, magnificent waterfalls, gorgeous savannahs, and endless raw beaches featuring calm seas lined by pristine white sand. Sky Bird Travel & Tours has researched this rising travel location to create a travel guide for planning clients’ vacations. Read on to discover the best features of the Top 10 Destination: Trinidad & Tobago.  

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago’s temperature is tropical all year, but the best time to visit is between January and March for Carnival. May marks the start of the rainy season and the landscape turns yellow due to a lack of rain. The wet season lasts until November, but September offers hot and sunny weather.

Flights are cheaper during this period, but resorts may be less crowded. Rates for some hotels increase during high season or special events, such as turtle-laying season or Carnival week. However, most smaller hotels maintain consistent pricing year-round. 

Top 10 Destination: Trinidad & Tobago Activities

Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve

A landscape of the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve visitor center, which is high in the hills and deep within thickets of forested trees. This image is featured in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

The Roxborough-Parlatuvier Road veers inland near the Bloody Bay War Memorial, east of the city of Castara, and connects with the Windward shore at Roxborough. The Tobago Forest Reserve, the first protected rainforest in the Caribbean created in 1765, is traversed by this beautifully paved road. 

In 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, the reserve was voted the “World’s Leading Eco-Tourism destination” by the World Travel Awards. One of the most picturesque drives on the island is the 30-minute route through the reserve, which travels through lovely valleys and offers stunning mountain views. We advise booking an authorized tour guide through WINGS for your client’s safety. 

Asa Wright Nature Center

The Asa Wright Nature Center is truly the perfect home for feathered beauties. There are dozens of varieties around the 200-acre sanctuary set in the heart of the lush rainforest! 

A perfect for spot both nature and bird enthusiasts, this tour offers stunning views of the Port of Spain and the Gulf of Paria from a lookout and the Northern Range mountains. From tiny hummingbirds to exotic dancing manakins, the Asa Wright Nature Center is one of the top 10 spots in Trinidad and Tobago that your clients should definitely not miss. 

Pitch Lake

A landscape shot of the bitumen and asphalt Pitch Lake on Trinidad Island, which is both beautiful and a holistic healting ritual for locals. This image is featured in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

Locals of Trinidad and Tobago consider Pitch Lake to be the eighth modern wonder of the world! Located on the southwestern coast, the lake is one of only three known natural asphalt deposits that hold more than 10 million tons of asphalt, making it the largest commercial resource in the world.  

It first appears to be a big oval-shaped parking lot, but upon closer investigation, it is revealed to be black clay with rough undulating spots. Visitors can walk on the surface, while the hissing and burping noises give the impression that it is alive. The small pools of water that collect on it during the rainy season have significant sulfur content, and the locals believe they are the fountains of life, healing everything from joint pain to skin issues!  

Pirate’s Bay

On the northeastern coast of Tobago Island, close to Charlotteville, is a stunning yet secluded area called Pirate’s Bay. The unusual beauty of the sailboats moored in the crystal clear water makes it an excellent location for tourists to swim and snorkel. Witnessing the vibrant sunset over this glistening beach is something your clients will remember for their whole life! 

It is not an easy walk down to this beach; The best way to get to this hidden gem is to ask a fisherman in Man of War Bay to take your clients by boat. While boats are an alternative way to reach the bay, there is also an option to reach this beach by walking.  

Pigeon Point Beach

A landscape shot of Pigeon Point Beach, which has a wooden dock that extends far out into turquoise waters and backs up to a palm tree forest. This image is featured in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

With white powdery sand, swaying palm trees, turquoise water, and protected reefs, Pigeon Point Beach is one of Tobago’s finest. It’s rumored that the jetty, a wooden boardwalk that extends from the shore and terminates with a charming thatched-roofed cottage against a backdrop of turquoise water, is the most photographed in the world.

However, there is an admission fee that must be paid before guests may experience Pigeon Point. Once that is paid, guests are free to enjoy the gently sloping beach, stroll through the park, have a sunny picnic, indulge in souvenir shopping, eat local specialties to satiate their appetite, or relax with a cold drink at the beach bar. There are rental options for beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, dive and snorkeling gear, and kayaks. 

Little Tobago

Little Tobago, also called Bird Paradise Island, was a cotton plantation in the late 1800s. Today, the historic location serves as a significant seabird refuge and provides abundant opportunities for birdwatchers. Among the species found here are laughing gulls, sooty terns, brown boobies, beautiful frigate birds, red-billed tropic birds, and Audubon’s shearwaters. With the assistance of a Sky Bird Travel Planner or our WINGS Booking Engine, reserve an iconic glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling, or an exotic bird-watching event! 

Cocoa Pod

A closeup shot of human hands cupping cocoa seeds that have been harvested and roasted and are ready to be made into rich chocolate. This image is featured in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

Fondly known as the Mecca of Cocoa in Trinidad and Tobago, Cocoa Pod is one of the most famous restaurants in the area. Visitors get the chance to taste sweets including ice cream, syrups, pepper sauce, delicious biscuits, and spreads with peanut, sorrel, passionfruit, guava, and mango. Chocolates and bars (some raw) are also available for visitors to taste and take back home as delicious souvenirs from their Trinidad and Tobago vacation.

The owner, who has a slight cocoa obsession and is an expert on the health advantages of the lovely bean, creates practically all of the items herself and constantly comes up with new and unique cocoa-based recipes. Anyone thirsty can also try amazing cocoa drinks whose deliciousness will definitely linger long after the tour is over. 

Woodford Square

The main square of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city, the Port Of Spain, is Woodford Square. The landmark was previously known as Brunswick Square and houses some of Port of Spain’s most well-known monuments as well as shops and restaurants. 

The first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Eric Williams, delivered rousing addresses here that eventually sparked the country’s independence from Britain. The perfect spot for your clients to satisfy their shopping needs and hit some of the restaurants to taste authentic local food, Woodford Square is where all the action takes place! 

Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

A closeup portrait of a wild Ruby-topaz hummingbird (Chrysolampis mosquitus) with bright red, yellow, and orange feathers hovering in the air and beating its WINGS. This image is featured in Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog post, "Top 10 Destination: Trinidad and Tobago," which describes the best activities on the twin Caribbean islands.

Home to hundreds of locally endangered wetland birds, the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust is located on the premises of a major petrochemical and oil refinery in Trinidad. The Trust, home to two lakes, is an extremely popular location for scientists and researchers.

It’s also a great place for nature lovers, especially birdwatchers, to learn about the facility’s ongoing work breeding and re-introducing regionally endangered wetland birds to their natural habitats. A tiny Amerindian museum, full-service guest house, learning center, and spaces for retreats, business training, and seminars are also on-site. 

There are boats that take visitors to the two ponds where they can photograph the gorgeous tropical birds that thrive here. It is the perfect location to observe tropical waterfowl up close and in their native habitat without the pain of hiking through swamps and the jungle.

Sewdass Sadhu Shiva Mandir

 Sewdass Sadhu Shiva Mandir, often called the Temple in the Sea, is a vibrant, octagonal building. A statue of the temple’s creator, Seedas Sadhu, is located at the entrance, with flags and statues flanking the perimeter. A pier is always available so that visitors can access this Hindu temple even during high tide.

Sadhu, an indentured worker whose ambition was to construct a place of prayer, began construction on the temple in 1947 as a reflection of perseverance and strength. That ambition was short-lived, however, as the government of the day demolished it five years later. In order to prevent a new tragedy, Sadhu rebuilt the temple over the following 25 years, this time in the water.

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