Top 10 Destination: Cambodia

A beautiful travel photo of Angkor Wat Agkor in Cambodia, a large stone temple surrounded by palm trees. The front of the ancient temple represents important Cambodian history and can be toured with Sky Bird Travel & Tours.

The nation of Cambodia condenses all that the Southeast Asian diaspora has to offer into a manageable size. This beautiful country gained independence from France and has been flourishing since then. Beaches and tropical islands ring it, and the Mekong River sustains it. Some of the region’s last remaining emerald wildernesses shroud it.

Sky Bird Travel focuses on one of the top 10 destinations of 2023 and shares ideas to add to the plan. 

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Best Time To Visit Cambodia

The ideal time to visit Cambodia is November through April when hardly any rain falls. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful blue skies during this season. This makes it a fantastic time to take a relaxing vacation on the southern coast. 

Best Things To Do in Cambodia

Ride the Bamboo Train in Battambang

A travel photograph of a man operating a bamboo train in Battambang, Cambodia. This is an exciting tour for travel agents to book through Sky Bird Travel & Tours.

One of the world’s unique train journeys, Battambang’s bamboo train has been running on the rails for a long time. The train consists of a 10 ft (3 m) long wooden frame that covers thin bamboo slats. Two barbell-shaped bogies support the frame, connecting it to a small engine by belts.

The popularity of this iconic bamboo ride crossed borders and was featured in the Netflix show Travels With My Father featuring actor and comedian Jack Whitehall. 

Walking With Elephants at Elephant Valley Project

If your clients are looking for an ethical approach to observing animals, book them a trip to the Elephant Valley Project. They work directly with local mahouts to rehome their overworked or injured elephants. Authorities forbid tourists from riding the elephants and require them to walk next to them.

Along the way, clients will gain knowledge of the Cambodian jungle, native Bunong culture, and elephant behavior. This 1500-hectare sanctuary is located in Mondulkiri and is a superb opportunity to assist in long-term conservation.

We recommend booking this tour with WINGS well in advance because of its immense popularity throughout the year. 

Paddleboarding Through Kampot

A travel photo of two young girls taken from behind in the Green Cathedral, in Kampot, Cambodia. The travelers are on a boat tour, booked with Sky Bird Travel & Tours, passing by green palm trees.

On a stand-up paddleboard, the stunning Tuek Chhou River reflects breathtaking Cambodian sunsets. It meanders past palm-fringed islands, mangrove forests, and traditional fishing settlements in the shadow of Bokor National Park.

The “Green Cathedral,” a tiny waterway that forms a circuit through mangroves and aquatic palms. It is popular amongst both local and international tourists. Plus, it’s home to numerous small guesthouses and resorts that serve as rest stations along the way.

Make sure the hotel you book is a close distance to this waterway, and rent out paddleboards to enhance their experience.  

Having Fun at Phare the Cambodian Circus

Animal lovers will be happy to learn that no animals are included in this Cambodian circus. This is because it focuses on performance art and subtly humorous commentary.

The best part of this circus is the nightly performances put on by Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS). It is the nation’s foremost performing arts group. The primary PPS training center in Battambang also hosts a few shows on the weekends. 

Spotting Freshwater Dolphins at Kratie

A soft orange sunset above a still lake called the Kampi dolphin pool, in the Mekong River. Kratie, Cambodia holds rare freshwater dolphins and can be seen on a customized tour with Sky Bird Travel & Tours.

The freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin is a rare species that only exists in dwindling numbers in isolated areas. One of the best spots in the world to watch these glorious mammals is the Kampi Dolphin Pool in the Mekong River, about 15 km north of Kratie.

The best way to get there is via kayaking tour that’ll take visitors past remote sandbars and eerie flooded forests. The tour concludes at the stunning Cambodian dolphin pool. Here they can get up close and personal with these stunning, but endangered, species without disturbing them.

Book the kayaking tour from a verified company through WINGS so as to ensure the safety of your clients. 

Plan Your Clients Cambodian Vacation Now!

You’re ready to book, now that you know the top 5 offbeat activities you can add to your client’s Cambodian itinerary. Contact Sky Bird, and we’ll help you plan your client’s trip at the best rates through our WINGS Booking Engine

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