The Best Easter Vacation Ideas

The featured image from Sky Bird Travel & Tours blog called "The Best Easter Vacation Ideas." A priest folds his hands in prayer with a rosary between his fingers as he prays and leads a congregation of catholic followers who are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Every April, the Christian celebration of Easter honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its typically observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon of spring, according to the Western calendar. Families and friends from every corner of the world come together to spend Easter break hunting for colorful eggs and making happy memories. Prepare for upcoming Easter vacations with the Best Easter Vacation Ideas from Sky Bird Travel! 

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The Best Easter Weekend Getaways:

Rome, Italy

In the Vatican in Italy, Pope Francis leads the Easter mass outside of St. Peters Square. There is a large crowd gathering in front of the church to hear the service, which is a Easter tradition for Catholic people celebrating around the world.

The center of Easter celebrations for Catholics around the world, Rome is probably the best destinations to spend Easter vacation. The celebrations at the Vatican, and other locations, draw visitors from all around the world.  

Perhaps the most exciting celebration is the Easter mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, where the Pope preaches to a huge crowd. He retraces the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in a stirring procession lit only by candles. There are also dozens of ancient and ornate cathedrals where your clients can attend traditional mass. 

Pro-tip: To attend a mass with the Pope, you’ll need to buy a ticket for your client. Tickets should be reserved 2 to 6 months in advance. 


The largest cultural event in Jamaica, the Jamaica Carnival, begins on Easter Sunday. People from all across the island participate in the festival, which also honors the abolition of slavery. Festivities begin with an early-morning parade featuring prominent traditional bands and ends with a costumed street parade. As a special way to celebrate life, attendees take part in flower exhibitions, concerts, and more events.  

The Trelawney Yam Festival and International Kite Festival are held on the island throughout April. During Easter, the locals favorite treat is the hot cross bun consumed with cheese—a custom dating back to ancient Babylon. Ingredients for Jamaican Easter buns include honey, raisins, dried fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Leonidio, Greece

The Greek tradition of the Burning of Judas, which involves an effigy of Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ. This is a traditional Easter celebration that Christians everywhere should experience once in their lives.

Leonidio, Greece is another amazing spot to celebrate Easter! After the resurrection ritual on Saturday night, thousands of fireworks and multicolored lanterns are launched into the midnight sky. Most of the lanterns are as tall as adult men and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  

There is also another Easter tradition on Holy Saturday which involves the burning of Judas’ effigy. On Easter Sunday, people launch hot air balloons into the sky while dancing and listening to music in the city center—a truly fun location for your clients to celebrate Easter!

Holland, Netherlands

Easter is almost always associated with blooming flowers, and the best tulips are located in Holland. The Keukenhof Botanical Gardens boast over 7 million flower bulbs in their fields, with 800 different types of tulip varieties! 

Your clients will find trees decorated with colorful ribbons and painted eggs in shops, supermarkets, and homes. These are commonly called Easter Christmas trees! These are almost always featured at the Easter brunch with family and friends.  

Note that the Netherlands don’t have an Easter bunny, they have an Easter Hare, or Paashaas.

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